The Story

It starts with a story, whether it’s the story you tell yourself, the story you’ve been told, or the story you feel compelled to write. The story is the catalyst for the rest of your life, and what it’s saying matters. It makes the vision for your life real, beyond just an idea, and it makes your vision achievable, possible, and tangible. Writing your own story can be daunting, but here’s the crazy thing about stories of success, every single one of them: the theme is always the same. No matter where you are, where you started from, or where you want to go, success at any level is attained through the same basic principles. What’s more, these principles aren’t revolutionary or elusive; people are out there learning them and living them every day.

Sharing the Story

A great story demands to be shared because a great story makes more seem possible. Hearing another story allows you to wrap your mind around an idea, to put yourself in the center, to see what that looks like. When you place yourself in a story, you begin to see a different reflection of yourself. Stories are also endless pools of valuable information because they humanize situations you may have never been in nor will ever be. The successes and failures of others can accelerate your own evolution exponentially, just by taking what they learned and applying it to your own life, and someone’s bad experience can produce just as much insight as your own good ones.I want to share my story with you. I want to give you a starting point, to share with you who I am, what I’ve experienced, and what I’m passionate about, so that you might discover what your story is waiting to become.