Business Development

Business development can be such a catch all idea. At Rogue Consulting we take a holistic approach. First, we must identify your goals, then we stretch those into dynamic dreams. Once we know the possibilities, we can tailor a design to take the summit. Rogue Consulting fills the gaps or potholes in the road with vision driven efficiencies that are not only sustainable, but life giving to you, your employees, and your bottom line.

A great business is constantly evolving. Not just growing. Growing an unhealthy or unsustainable business is relatively easy. Developing an evolving business that is constantly turning into a better version of itself is much harder, it also reaps the largest rewards. A company developed this evolution mechanism by constantly improving it’s efficiency. Efficiency in management, in process, in buying, in value propositioning and marketing.

A sales organization must identify the “why” of their services or products.

Good sales people sell things and lots of them. Outstanding sales people identify needs and exceed them with their solutions. The natural byproduct of exceeding needs is revenue and lots of it. Sales growth isn’t simply about price points or even the product itself. It must be about the VALUE provided in these products and services. Clients invest in the valuable solution tailored to an exceeded need. Great companies provide solutions, not just selling products or services.

Culture Cultivation

A common mistake in business is creating and cultivating a workforce of employees that should be thankful for their jobs. As business owners we all feel a responsibility for taking care of people but what if we took that to a new visionary level? Rogue Consulting will guide you through the importance of cultivating a culture of empowerment that will create an atmosphere of personal success for each of your employees. Your people will be thankful for their jobs because everything we do is about their personal success. This is not only life giving but creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty. The natural byproduct is success for the company itself.

Maintaining a laser focus on the success of the employees ensures a coveted work environment. The natural byproduct of a company’s success is the empowering of employees to create an attainable financial destiny for their workforce. In doing this, it eliminates a mercenary mentality with employees. Mercenaries are loyal to no one, not even themselves. Ultimately, they are loyal to money and will insert themselves into poor scenarios in the pursuit of it. Soldiers are loyal to the end and they are loyal to the cause, especially when they know the cause is loyal to them.

It is imperative that a business be comprised of soldiers, loyal and strong, moving in one common goal for the benefit of all.

Wealth Management

In the old days we were taught to find a good career and align yourself with a good company. After 40 years you would earn your gold watch and ride your pension into the sunset. Those days waved bye-bye a long time ago. Then there was a new generation that decided to take matters into their own hands and own their own businesses. After 40 years of working hard at a good living their business stopped at retirement or they sold it for pennies. I have purchased companies for $200k, grown it to 7 figures in annual revenue and sold it for 8 figures. That’s exciting! I’ve also bought 40-year-old companies for $5k. That is heartbreaking. Mainly because these owners didn’t know what we know now. There is a way of strategically building a business to maximize it’s value, and not 40 years from now. Rogue Consulting is here to help you fast track the true potential and value of your business. We will guide you through the entire process of evaluation, growth, valuation, preparation and then partnering with the right group. This is called “Wealth Development”. A real life way of creating liquid wealth now while securing retirement wealth for the future.

Most owners have never thought about selling their business or if they have, they have no idea what it would be worth or what they would do after.

The generation of the baby boomers were taught to find a good company and work for that company until they could retire with a gold watch and a good pension. That bubble burst a long time ago. Then there was another generation birthed that decided to take control of their “retirement” and build their own businesses. The problem with this generation, in my experience, is that at the end of the day it results in far less retirement than what was expected. It is not uncommon for a business owner to work most of their life, while making a good living for themselves, to only yield a sales price of $200,000 and in some cases as little as $5,000; or even worse to leave it to family that ruins the business and destroys the lifetime of hard work building. Owners start business with a goal for wealth, whether that be in time or money. We will show them how to do both.

Rogue Consulting will guide business owners in a plan to partner with private equity groups to maximize their value. In doing this owners will be able to take retirement chips off of the table early while reinvesting the remaining chips back into private equity for long term retirement potentially yielding more wealth than ever dreamed. This requires laser focus on profitability, scalability and efficiency. We will provide the same focus of consulting as the business development but with the single goal of helping to take owners to a success moment of transaction with a private equity firm. Once we have partnered to develop a marketable business we will then deploy resources to streamline the valuation process. Our team of highly trained professionals will prepare the necessary steps to complete a quality of earnings and streamline the legal and accounting services needed to valuate and go to market. Then we will introduce you to our team of trust advisors to take your fine tuned business to market and achieve a transaction that is a sound and true high market value for your company. These advisors will bring several suitors to your table for you to decide with whom to partner with. This decision will be yours according to your goals and aspirations.